Gava Fran Trulen - Arckanum - Fran Marder

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  1. Kitaxe
    Arckanum > Fran marder > , CD, Full Moon Productions (Limited edition Amazon Germany ; Arckanum discography (main) Kostogher () > Arckanum discography (all) Trulen () Kostogher () > Fran marder Arckanum A music video was made for the song "Gava fran trulen". Recording information: Recorded on February 10thth, at.
  2. Gozragore
    The lyrics on "Bærghet" is an old poem written by Sataros, originally named "De Glömda". "Bærghet" is a dedication to Shamaatae´s magickal mountain, where Shamaatae and Sataros have performed many magickal works, thereafter it got its name; Bærghet.
  3. Guzragore
    Arckanum was a one-man Swedish black metal band formed in in Although, for the most part Arckanum has remained Shamaatae's solo project, in Loke Svarteld was the guitar for the band, and Sataros the vocalist, though this quickly changed the same year.
  4. Voodoodal
    - Xeroxed covers - Recorded onto regular tapes Copies made: 1st press, handnumbered copies 2nd press, copies The signatured exclamation text page on .
  5. Tukora
    Fran Marder is the first substantial stop on the evolutionary journey of one of Sweden's finest and most consistent black metal outfits, Arckanum.

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