Dream Of The Zodiac Pt. 1 - Balzac - Paranoid Dream Of The Zodiac

9 thoughts on “ Dream Of The Zodiac Pt. 1 - Balzac - Paranoid Dream Of The Zodiac

  1. Fenrile
    uh uh what's your zodiac sign shorty whatcha sign is [3x] what's your zodiac sign lately you been leading my way there's something that i wanna say but part of me don't really wanna ask we been getting along so fine the questions tormenting my mind i may not like the answer you give back forever will you like me, i suffer a bad breakup.
  2. Brakasa
    Paranoid Dream of the Zodiac is an album by the band Balzac. The CD combines two of Zodiac's (Balzac's side-project) - "Beware on Halloween" and the maxi-single "Zodiac x Balzac". Track listing "Before the Nightmare" "Brain Control" "the Fright" "Hurt" "the 13th. on Friday Night" "Killer in the Window" "Dream of the Zodiac pt.1" "Beware on Halloween"Genre: Horror punk.
  3. Nera
    General Meanings: The dream meanings of Zodiac signs: Aries is a sign of controlling behavior and domination. If you dream of the Zodiac sign Aries, such dream denotes to person who is born as direct, decisive, selfish and a bit reckless. Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac. It distinguish as the sign of sensibility, laziness.
  4. Vorn
    Zodiac. The symbol of the zodiac in your dream can also be symbolic of your various layers of consciousness, and how they are connecting you with the universe. A zodiac dream can be another time passage dream, so if you dream of the zodiac and see others you have never met before, this could be a past life regression dream.

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