Shine On Harvest Moon - Milton Delugg And His Happy Music - Roll Out The Barrel The Gangs All Here

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    With the information you have found here, search eBay, cofymvoodookinosthordiri.infoinfo, or post a question to C. Otherwise, you'll need to spend hours over a period of time searching junk stores, garage sales, record auctions (both mail and internet), and anyplace else that may have 78rpm discs for sale.
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    Kapp Album Discography, Part 1. The first label was a dark maroon with a silver edge band. Most scans of this label seen today on the internet erroneously appear medium brown with a silver band due to scanner inaccuracies. The first Kapp label was deep maroon with a silver edge. All the albums on this page had the first label.
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    Dot Album Discography, Part 2 LPs / By David Edwards and Mike Callahan Last update: November 16, The first label on the 12 inch record series was the same as the label used on the 10 inch series, maroon with silver printing.
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    Milton Delugg And His Happy Music - Roll Out the Barrel the Gang's All Here - cofymvoodookinosthordiri.infoinfo Music Milton Delugg And His Happy Music (Artist) Format: Vinyl. Check out our turntable store for a great selection of turntables, needles, accessories, and more.
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    Other articles where Shine on, Harvest Moon is discussed: David Butler: Butler ventured into biopics with Shine on, Harvest Moon, which featured Ann Sheridan and Dennis Morgan as vaudeville stars Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth, respectively. The following year he turned to westerns with San Antonio, a solid drama starring Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith.
  6. Shacage
    Dec 03,  · Famous Studios Production Includes a follow the bouncing ball song! (Shine on harvest moon).
  7. Taular
    Shine On Harvest Moon – Pg 2 Em (C#m) I can’t see why a boy should sigh when by his side B7 (G#7) Is the one he loves so true, Em (C#m) When all he has to .
  8. Niran
    Shine On, Harvest Moon-Jack Norworth () Music by Nora Bayes. 1. The night was mighty dark so you could hardly see, For the moon refused to shine, Couple sitting underneath a willow tree, For love they pine, Little maid was kind afraid of darkness. So she said, "I guess I'll go," Boy began to sigh, Looked up at the sky, Told the moon his little tale of woe.

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