气道 The Winds Begin To Surround - Iacon - 現象 Phenomenon

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  1. Vonris
    我父亲要求一切事情非尽善尽美不可. 2 [C] fault or defect that makes sb/sth imperfect; blemish 缺点; 瑕疵: The only slight imperfection in this painting is a scratch in the corner. 这幅画唯一的小疵是在角落里有一道划痕. * the house's structural imperfections 房子结构上的缺陷. imperfectly adv.
  2. Mele
    Economy Page 1 When I wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, I lived alone, in the woods, a mile from any neighbor, in a house which I had built myself, on the sho.
  3. Fauzuru
    This page is a subset of CC-CEDICT. "CC-CEDICT is a continuation of the CEDICT project started by Paul Denisowski in with the aim to provide a complete downloadable Chinese to English dictionary with pronunciation in pinyin for the Chinese cofymvoodookinosthordiri.infoinfo CC .
  4. Zuran
    薛礼鸣狂吼一声,劲气迸发,催动的脚下金色 雷电 向四周爆射出去,其中一道直接将未有防备的风英豪给集中。 The pitiful wind hero struck off the left arm by golden Thun­der and Light­ning immediately, called out pitifully is dropping golden. 可怜风英豪当即被金色 雷电 击断左臂,惨叫着跌落.
  5. Mezigami
    豆瓣. 扫码直接下载. iPhone · Android. 豆瓣; 读书; 电影; 音乐; 同城; 小组; 阅读; FM; 时间.
  6. Motilar
    中英文双语的楞严经 中文版楞严经: 卷一 如是我闻。 一时。佛在室罗筏城。祇桓精舍。与大比丘众。千二百五十人俱。皆是.

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